Our <b>Value Proposition</b>

Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is our promise to you and our dedicated efforts to understand your business, people and industry so that we can decrease your accommodation and venue expenditure and increase your efficiency in how you are booking your accommodation and venue requirements.

We promote partnership culture, with a collaborative approach focused on value creation for our clients and suppliers.

We deliver sustained customer value through unique service and engagement initiatives, including:

Trusted Partner

At The Accommodation Brokers we focus on building collaborative partnerships with our clients and suppliers rather than simply completing transactions for and with them. And for each client/supplier partnership, our overriding objective is to become your Trusted Partner for your Accommodation and Venue needs.

Of course, trust is a two-way street, and the role of Trusted Partner is not something we can appoint ourselves to. Instead, we work to earn it by listening, learning, adding value, action and guaranteeing our performance.

Next Practices

We are committed to being the best Accommodation and Venue Broker, delivering the right solutions and results by working with best practices. That means looking beyond the ways our industry has always done things to discover how things can be done better.

Where following best practices means doing what our competitors are already doing, by embracing Next Practices we are doing what other accommodation related companies have not even thought about doing: constantly pushing boundaries, defining new industry standards and challenging ourselves to be a more strategic partner.

“We are re-inventing Accommodation Buying”


Most companies are willing to settle for having satisfied customers. At The Accommodation Brokers, we’re passionate about creating Fans– clients/suppliers who are so impressed with the level of what we do, they willingly recommend our services to others and become ambassadors of our brand. Fans are a deep-rooted part of our corporate culture, reflecting the level of service we deliver to our clients/suppliers. Success in turning clients/suppliers into Fans is an important component of values.


Our approach to flexibility is part of our ongoing commitment to develop an inclusive workforce that recognises and accommodates individual circumstances. What’s so great about The Accommodation Brokers is that flexibility is win-win for all staff, clients and suppliers. Flexible work and mobility options help meet our, our clients and our supplier’s needs at different phases of our lives while achieving business objectives.


Our style of work is to be as one with staff, clients and suppliers.  Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and it is the fuel that allows The Accommodation Brokers to attain uncommon results


The Accommodation Brokers is an Australian company creating a journey. But it doesn’t just end here. We’re growing and improving every aspect of our company so we can reach new levels of performance. We’re moving forward with confidence and energy.

Our people are the foundation of our company’s success, and are helping The Accommodation Brokers turn what we do now into an even greater future.