Why <b>Us</b>

Why Us

Why Us


Industry research shows that whether you are searching for individual accommodation, group accommodation or venues up to 40% of your time is spent on this process, The Accommodation Brokers gives you this time back


The Accommodation Brokers have tremendous buying power that translates into savings for our clients. Hotels and Venues value our business and work with us to ensure that we receive the best market price that is only accessible by our clients


The Accommodation Broker has an average of 10 years of industry experience. They are comprised of former Hotel/Resort General Managers, Regional Directors of Sales & Marketing, Director of Sales &Marketing, Director of Events and Sales Managers. With this wealth of experience The Accommodation Broker offers the client invaluable insight into Rate, Hotel and Venue purchasing


There is absolutely no cost to you, the client! The Accommodation Brokers is compensated by the Hotels and Venues