Welcome to The Accommodation Brokers Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program.

Our program was designed in conjunction with our partners to enable your members or employees to receive the best market prices for their travel 365 days of the year.

Organisations with recognition programs are 12x more likely to have strong commercial outcomes

You want your members, employees and associates to be your biggest fans

So, how do you become a brand with that kind of following? How do you turn someone into a “raving fan”?

Rewarding and recognising members, employees and associates leads to greater engagement and interaction.

Experts say to “make it personal”, “Provide opportunities” and “Create lasting memories”

Why Implement A Travel Benefits Program Into Your Organisation


By implementing our Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits program you are recognising members commitment to your organisation or employees efforts that make your business succeed, you’re sending a direct message that they matter to you and to your organisation as a whole.


Travel, or any form of holiday, is a highly desirable treat that appeals to everyone. No matter how engaged an member, associate or employee is, they will always look forward to their holidays. A variety of research shows that a holiday provides an amazing experience and memories that last forever.


Members, associates or employees rewarded with a travel benefits program are very likely to develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards their organisation as they have been recognised and appreciated for their commitment to your organisation. When a person feels appreciated they become more engaged and motivated.


Our Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program will assist in:

  • Attract more members to your organisations
  • Attract a higher talent pool to your organisation
  • Improve their perception of your organisations culture
  • Increase your member or employee retention


The Accommodation Brokers Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program is not only appreciated by the member or employee, it is also valued by their partners and families.


Engagement and Productivity increases when employees/members are directly impacted by the actions of the organisation, rather than just being number they are being recognised for their value to the organisation.


Today, employees/members don’t want to be seen as workers. They want to be seen as complex human beings with rich, full lives.

They’re not just interested in the experience they can have at work, they’re interested in what an employer/member organisation does to enrich their life experience.

Why Choose The Accommodation Brokers Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program

The Accommodation  Brokers Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program was developed with the concept that we do not have to charge your organisation or your members, associates or employees to be part of our program.

It is absolutely free to be a member

The Accommodation Brokers have an extensive channel of suppliers worldwide that we purchase travel products from – these channels are not available to the public. Our volume buying from these suppliers allows us to negotiate discount rates that we pass onto our members.

Our members have access to over 1.6 million discounted travel products that range from accommodation, cruises, rail journeys, car rental, holiday packages, tour and things to do.

The Accommodation Brokers have a global reach to over 190 countries around the world.  This reach both domestically & international ensures our members can get the product that they choose were ever it may be.

The Accommodation Brokers has an extensive range of industry contacts – this has been built over many years developing contacts and supporting our suppliers.  We understand that with out our supplier relationships we would not be able to give our members the product and the best market rates.

With over 130 years travel industry experience The Accommodation Brokers offers your members or employees invaluable insight so that they are getting the best market price for the travel product they have selected.

Brand Name Recognition

Brand Awareness and Brand Recognition Lead to Brand Trust and Brand Equity.

Building awareness for your brand is important for your brand’s success. That means, the more brand awareness or recognition you gain from members, employees or consumers, the more successful your brand or organisation will be.

The Accommodation Brokers recoginise this importance and every page that your member or employee visits on a member section of our website features your brand logo.  This is to re-enforce the value that you place on the member or employee by being a partner with our Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program.

What Our Partners and Members Have To Say

“Living Turf has been working with The Accommodation Brokers for 7 years regarding our corporate travel requirements and I could not recommend them highly enough. 12 months ago The Accommodation Brokers presented their new member travel program to us and showed how our staff can purchase discounted travel products that the public do not have access to.  As a company we are always looking at ways to increase our staff’s motivation and loyalty and the program that The Accommodation Brokers presented ticked all the boxes – our staff have actually thanked as for sources this benefit.

If you are looking at a ways to engage with your staff this program should be on the top of your list.”

Dee Margetts – Office Manager, Living Turf Pty Ltd

“The Accommodation Brokers have been assisting The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists since 2014 in the role of finding our venues for conferences, meetings, exams and events. Recently we reviewed our travel benefits program and asked The Accommodation Brokers if they would consider running our members leisure travel benefits program.

The Accommodation Brokers agreed and over the last 18 months have designed and built a members leisure travel program that we are extremely happy with,  when your members take the time to write in and express their gratitude you know that the solution implemented is the right one.”

Dr Munish Verma | Head of Member Engagement and Services Unit, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

“We were looking at ways to increase our membership engagement and The Accommodation Brokers presented their Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program.  After viewing the presentation and testing the program we decided to move forward and partner with The Accommodation Brokers.  We communicated this new program to our members and the feedback was move then we expected, we have actually used their gift vouchers program to increase our members enrolments for the year 21/22 and could not be happier.

If your are looking for a Travel Benefits Program for your members I highly recommend you touch base with The Accommodation Brokers.”

Jess Donati | Membership Manager, Real Estate Institute of New South Wales

“I have been using The Accommodation Broker’s services for the last 4 months. I have always enjoyed good accommodation, but it is often very difficult to get discounts. The Accommodation Brokers has always been able to better the lowest price provided by either the hotel themselves or a third party website. They have been extremely timely in getting pricing for me. The Accommodation Brokers communication has always been extremely professional and friendly. They have been a pleasure to deal with.

As a result, I have received many great savings on some pretty spectacular accommodation.

I now never go anywhere else.”

Dr James Metri , Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

” I Could not praise The Accommodation Brokers enough for the service we have received plus the amazing pricing that they were able to provide us.  We priced our trip to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, submitted what the rates we could obtain to The Accommodation Brokers – we were staying eight nights at the Cairns Sheridan Hotel at a price of $1,600.00.  The Accommodation Brokers came back to us with the same hotel, same room and the same terms & conditions for $1,194.00.  We also asked them to price our Great Barrier Reef 2 night stay  – we were able to get a price of $1,500.00 and The Accommodation Brokers were able to offer $1,362.00.

We then had to cancel due to Covid 19 lockdown and re booked Darwin – again the pricing The Accommodation Brokers were able to supply was so much better then what we could get and they did not charge any amendment fees for swapping destinations.

My husband and myself could not be happier with everything associated with The Accommodation Brokers”

Nicole Arnold, Manager Operations and Partnerships, Facility Management Association of Australia

Some Of Our Clients

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We offer a no obligation presentation to help you understand our Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program and service that will help you strengthen your connections. During your presentation, we will take you through every feature and detail of our travel benefits program. We invite you to discover the benefits for yourself and learn how our Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program will infuse in your strategies to achieve your organisations objectives.

What to expect?

  • A brief conversation to discuss your objectives and audience.
  • Live presentation of our Exclusive Leisure Travel Benefits Program.
  • All your questions answered to make sure you have all the information you need.
  • No commitment whatsoever
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