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We can save you time, money and minimise your risks by utilising our free of charge conference and event venue finding service

Do you know how much time and energy is involved in searching for a venue whether it’s for a Conference, Meeting, Gala Dinner, Wedding, Product Launch or Cocktail Party?

Research has shown that up to 40% of an organisers time can be allocated to searching for the correct venue to suit the program you are working on.

Planning and hosting an event can require a lot of logistics and organisation. Our research shows that event organisers do realise that they should focus most of their time on the content and outcome of the event, by outsourcing the venue finding process to The Accommodation Brokers we can ensure you that your time will be maximised to ensure a truly successful event.

Our Services

Pre & Post Briefings

Understanding your requirements is paramount to us – we will get a full brief prior to conducting a venue search for you. After the event we will discuss with you the result and ways to make it better for the next time

Communication is the key to a good search

Venue Search

Based on your brief we will go to market to find you the best pricing & venues that suit your requirements. We will compile and organise hotel/venue data onto our intelligence grid for you to evaluate all the offers

Contract Negotiations

Once you have chosen the preferred accommodation/venue we will conduct a complete analysis on the contract and recommend strategies to reduce cost and minimise risk so that you are receiving best market conditions

Site Inspections

Examining a prospective accommodation/venue in person helps you make a decision if that particular supplier is the right one for you. We will coordinate with yourself and the suppliers the dates and times for these site inspections and submit a detailed guideline for each of the site inspections.

Delegate Accommodation Booking Platform

You have access to our own unique group/event accommodation online booking platform which displays all contracted properties, room types, pricing, terms & conditions, booking process and payment portal.

Delegate Registration Platform

Our Registration Platform

Branded to your look

Designed to capture all your registration requirements – delegates, speakers, sponsors, paper/abstract submissions.

Easy to use and flexible design

Why Use The Accommodation Brokers?


We’re paid a venue finding fee by the supplier that we confirm on your behalf, like a travel agency. We’ll still negotiate the lowest possible venue price, almost certainly better than you would get yourself. Negotiating venue costs is as much about getting value for money as it is about reducing prices.


With our volume buying and purchasing power, we secure exclusive rates, availability and promotions for all our clients. Regardless of the size of your event or the number of meetings you book, you will enjoy the best market pricing and concessions associated with the collective buying power of all of our clients.


The Accommodation Brokers team has over 130 years experience in airlines, accommodation and meeting & events industries. We have handle over 10,000 groups and events and from this actual experience we can apply all this knowledge to your event to ensure an outstanding result.


The Accommodation Brokers have relationships with suppliers to over 190 countries around the world.  This reach both domestically & internationally ensures our members can get the pricing, product and assistance that they choose were ever it may be.


Oaks Mackay Carlyle Suites will make its commercial reasonable efforts to accommodate any special needs you may have. If you have specific requirements you would like us to consider (e.g. to assist with a disability, crib, connecting rooms) please contact The Accommodation Brokers at your earliest convenience.


Industry research shows that whether you are searching for individual accommodation, group accommodation or venues up to 40% of your time is spent on this process, The Accommodation Brokers gives you this time back so that your can concentrate on the event program to ensure 100% delegates satisfaction.


Our methodology is very simple – your success is our success.

You the client are always in control and have complete access to all suppliers at any given time, we work for you!

Our process

  • Obtaining a detailed brief from our clients – Work to set meeting objectives, timelines, budget and requirements
  • Research and identify the top destinations matching your criteria
  • Check availability, submit and receiving proposals from the venues – track down the answers, follow-up with the venues.
  • Compile and organize venue data and evaluate offers from venues
  • Submit all data to client with notes relating to the venue offerings
  • Engage in negotiations with venues to obtain the best market price plus add-on’s
  • Recommend to client strategies to reduce cost and minimize risk ( contract evaluation and recommendations to client)
  • Coordinate site inspections
  • Assist client with final decision with hotel selection
  • Communicate decisions to venues
  • Client Introduction to selected venue
  • Evaluate event execution
  • Event debriefing with client

Some of our supply partners

Pullman Hotel Sydney Olympic Park

Hyatt Regency Darling Harbour

InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort

Pullman Magenta Shores

Crown Hotel Perth

The Langham Melbourne

The Westin Brisbane

Sydney Harbour Marriott

Brisbane Marriott Hotel

Your questions answered here, or call us!

Does your Venue Finding service cost?2021-09-20T10:29:00+10:00
We’re paid a venue finding fee by the venue that we confirm on your behalf, like a travel agency. We’ll still negotiate the lowest possible venue price, almost certainly better than you would get yourself. Negotiating venue costs is as much about getting value for money as it is about reducing prices.
Do you conduct your venue searches only in Australia?2021-09-20T10:36:48+10:00

Not at all, about 60% of all our events are in Australia/New Zealand and 40% are international. We find that our clients often search for event venues in varied and cost-effective destinations. There is no limit to our free venue finding service!

How do I make an enquiry for your Venue Finding services?2021-09-20T10:46:03+10:00

You can call, email or click on the make an enquiry button in the venue finding section under services.  We’ll call you within the hour to discuss your requirements.

How can we be sure that you will provide us with the best rates?2021-09-20T10:39:50+10:00

Our experience allows us to negotiate the best market rates on your behalf.  We place hundreds of events each year within venues, so we have a good understanding of the rates we should be achieving at various venues and on certain dates.  Our buying power also means we can pass any savings on to you.  On each proposal we will clearly identify the rates that we have negotiated for you, and how much we are saving and as a percentage.

Once we have given you our brief what is the time frame that you submit your details back to us?2021-09-20T10:57:39+10:00

We normally allow up to 72 hrs to get back to our clients, again sometimes depending on the response times of the venues you can get a response inside the 72 hrs.

So, if your Venue Finding Service is free – what’s the catch then?2021-09-20T10:51:43+10:00

There isn’t one! All we ask is that you leave it exclusively to The Accommodation Brokers for your venue finding. We’ll liaise with your selected venues and arrange venue confirmation. We do ask that you tell us of any venues you are in contact with already and then leave it to us.

What else do you include in your venue finding services?2021-09-20T10:33:34+10:00

Apart from finding you the right venue, we can also negotiate to get you quotes on team building activities, audiovisual, guest speakers, entertainment plus external activities such as dinners or themed events.  We can also find you the best pricing on your group Air and Ground transport.

What size of events do you cater for?2021-09-20T10:38:11+10:00

We conduct venue searches from 10 to 50,000 delegates and anything in between.

How many venues do you include in your venue or accommodation search?2021-09-20T10:56:19+10:00

If the search is for one specific region we ask 5 venues to quote, however if the search is for 2 or 3 regions the number of venues we ask could go up to 10 to 12.  Please note we do not stop requesting venues to submit proposals until we have found the right venue for your requirements.

What information do you provide in our venue search documentation?2021-09-20T10:54:20+10:00

We provide you with a full venue proposal tailored to your individual enquiry. This includes venue location and contact details, a full breakdown of the facilities, all relevant rates, complimentary offerings, terms & conditions as well as images of the venue. We will provisionally hold any meeting or accommodation space for you before you make your final decision.

What about Short notice searches?2021-09-20T10:55:09+10:00

Let us know what deadlines you have and we will work to them. We can find a venue for tomorrow if you need one. That said, the longer the lead time the better your options are likely to be.

Does your Venue Finding Services include help with site inspections?2021-09-20T10:31:45+10:00

As part of our venue finding service we also arrange at no cost all your site inspection requests. We provide documentation re the site inspection that covers everything you need to know.

When do I start dealing with the venue directly?2021-09-20T10:26:35+10:00

Once the venue finding process has been finalised which includes the signing of the contract we then introduce you to the appropriate staff at the venue that will be handling all your operational requirements.

What are your Venue Finding Service terms and conditions?2021-09-20T10:52:55+10:00

So that we can continue to offer a free of charge service and keep delivering high quality venue finds, we ask that you use our service fairly and abide by the following terms:

By appointing us to carry out a venue find, please leave it with us and refrain from contacting any venues or other agencies whilst we are searching.  We are happy to contact any venues you would like to try – just let us know at enquiry stage.  We will place all the venues on provisional hold on your behalf to ensure that you do not lose the space to anyone else.  It can become very complicated and confusing for all concerned if we are all contacting the same venues and trying to provisionally hold space for the same event, so please leave it with us until your agreed response time.

What about business ethics?2021-09-20T10:49:37+10:00

We believe that our business ethics are extremely important, in fact relationships with clients and suppliers is equally important. We never make provisional bookings unless asked to by our clients, when they have considered our proposals. Openness and honesty are vital at all stages of the event planning process.

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