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Specialists in Long Stay & Relocation Accommodation

When it comes to organising long stay/relocation accommodation it can be very time consuming and difficult. The amount of moving parts associated with finding the right property is extensive and if not sourced correctly the overall experience can be a failure. Clients seek the assistance of The Accommodation Brokers so that all the inclusions needed to make a long stay/relocation a success is covered from the beginning.

Our Services


Understanding your requirements is paramount to us – we will get a full brief prior to conducting a longstay search for you. When it comes to organising long stay/relocation accommodation it can be very time consuming and difficult. We will make this whole process stress free!

Communication is the key to a good search and result


There is art to sourcing the correct longstay accommodation – we have decades of experience that allows us to ask the right questions to obtain the best market pricing with all the appropriate inclusions that come with longstay accommodation.

With longstay accommodation you have to look at a 360 degree solution.


Inventory is a very important part of the negotiating process.  No point in having the best rate and offerings in the world with no access to the inventory.  The Accommodation Brokers ensure as part of our rates negotiations that we have full access to inventory 365 days of the year – this includes last room availability based on volume accommodation materialisation.


The Accommodation Brokers were applicable negotiate with the accommodation or external suppliers for food & beverage requirements  for the individual travellers.  This would include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, food packs or any other food & beverage requirements your travellers might have.


We complete a comprehensive contract evaluation to minimize our clients risks which includes added clauses for full Covid 19 protection re cancellations due to lockdowns

Ensure deposit schedules and final payment deadlines from accommodation suppliers are met


Our communication and reporting program is the foundation of your longstay program. It outlines exactly how we’re going to get things done, and how we are going to get that across to you our client. We identify how important information will be communicated to stakeholders throughout the longstay travel program. We also determine who will be receiving the communication & reporting, how our clients will receive it, when they’ll receive it, and how often they should expect to receive that information.

How Can We Help

Ensure the employee experience is built on the right foundations

Through our buying power we can reduce your costs thus improving your bottom line

Ensure the selected apartments meet the correct security policies

Minimise business or compliance risk

Increase employee productivity and efficiency

Provide critical analysis of the market and what is available

Our solutions drive savings to your travel budget while delivering efficiency and safety for your travelling workforce – leaving you to take care of your business.

Why Use Our Services


We’re paid a accommodation finding fee by the supplier that we confirm on your behalf, like a travel agency. We’ll still negotiate the lowest possible accommodation price, almost certainly better than you would get yourself. Negotiating accommodation costs is as much about getting value for money as it is about reducing prices.


With our volume buying and purchasing power, we secure exclusive rates, availability and promotions for all our clients. Regardless of the size of your event or the number of meetings you book, you will enjoy the best market pricing and concessions associated with the collective buying power of all of our clients.


The Accommodation Brokers team has over 130 years experience in airlines, accommodation and meeting & events industries. We have handle over 10,000 groups and events and from this actual experience we can apply all this knowledge to your event to ensure an outstanding result.


We offer a range of accommodation management solutions designed specifically for small and growing businesses.

Our solutions drive savings to your travel budget while delivering efficiency and a increase in productivity for all employees associated with the selection and booking process.


We have a very comprehensive checklist that we apply when managing our clients longstay accommodation.  In this environment organisations want reassurance that they are being protected and that they will not suffer with cancellation bills when it is out of their control. This also applies to bookings for accommodation that are not contracted – the terms & conditions of these need to have a flexibility so that unforeseen cancellations or amendments will not attract fee’s.


It is very important that when searching for long stay accommodation that location, security and transport options are thoroughly looked into. The Accommodation Brokers ensure that in our brief back to our clients that these topics are covered so that when an accommodation supplier is selected the travellers will have ease of mind that they are in a location that is safe, secure and has close transport options available.

Some of our supply partners

Punthill Flinders Lane

Marriott Executive Apartments

Ascot Quays Apartments Perth

Meriton Suites Broadbeach

The Sebel Melbourne Docklands

Meriton Suites Sussex Street, Sydney

Quest Apartments Mont Albert

Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne

Welcome to HYATT house

What our clients have to say

“We have constant requirements for long stay accommodation as our employees need to spend lengthy periods at our clients operations – without the assistance of The Accommodation Brokers my life would be a considerably harder and I know for a fact that their pricing is so much better than what I can obtain”

Eddie Alves - Senior Marketing Specialist, Hydac International Pty Ltd

“To understand the complexities in finding the right long term accommodation is so challenging, I did it once and have utilised The Accommodation brokers since. They have a wealth of knowledge in this area and we could not be happier with their expertise and service, it was 8 years ago when I tried it once!!

Dee Margetts – Office Manager , Living Turf Pty Ltd

“We could not be happier with the overall service we receive from The Accommodation Brokers.  We require on a regular basis long stay accommodation and we rely on The Accommodation Brokers to resource the best options for us – they have never let us down and I would encourage anybody that needs this type of service to get in touch, you will not be disappointed,”

Cameron Brown - Financial Controller, Harness Racing Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of location do you consider?2021-10-04T10:42:59+11:00

All apartments/housing should be located in prime locations, close to all amenities, transport, restaurants, cafes, shops and variety of services – usually within just a few minutes’ walk.

What about security in the building or housing?2021-10-04T10:42:12+11:00

We make sure that all apartments or housing are modern buildings with security, lift access and balconies (if required).

Are towels and linen are provided?2021-10-04T10:41:36+11:00

Yes – we make sure that this is included in the property that has been chosen?

What about cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils?2021-10-04T10:41:00+11:00

We make sure that these items are included in the apartment or house. Also, we ensure that the apartment or house has a fully equipped internal laundry, including washing machine, dryer, iron and ironing board.

Is there a property manager on site of the apartments or housing?2021-10-04T10:40:23+11:00

On most occasions yes – property managers meet every guest on arrival to familiarise them with the building or house and its surroundings. If there is not a property manager, we make sure all contacts for the building or house are given to the occupant.

Do you check on how the occupant is going during the stay in the apartment or housing?2021-10-04T10:39:35+11:00

Yes – this is very important to us to make sure the occupant of the apartment is satisfied with their dwellings.

What facilities do you look for in an apartment or housing?2021-10-04T10:38:35+11:00

This is dependent on the brief given, however the most important aspects would be – location, size of the apartment, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, does it have a kitchen, car parking, is there a lift, what is the security like, is the apartment serviced, what streaming apps are included, Wifi and what speed.

Does your service cost?2021-10-04T10:37:31+11:00

No – the accommodation provider pays us a commission which is standard in the industry – it is generally 10% commission.

How many apartments or houses do you include in your search?2021-10-04T10:37:55+11:00

It is generally between 3 to 6 apartments depending on the brief given

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