Specialists in Long Stay & Relocation Accommodation

Before we put forward a property for our client’s consideration we must first listen and understand the client’s requirements.

When it comes to organising long stay/relocation accommodation it can be very time consuming and difficult. The amount of moving parts associated with finding the right property is extensive and if not sourced correctly the overall experience can be a failure. Clients seek the assistance of The Accommodation Brokers so that all the inclusions needed to make a long stay/relation a success is covered from the beginning.

Why Use The Accommodation Brokers?

We have handle and booked hundreds of properties in the long stay sector – in fact we have overseen thousands of bookings for all different lengths of stay.

We save you money. Through our negotiation skills and buying power we obtain for you the best market rates that are available. This includes all the different components that are associated with long stay requirements.

We have a quality list of questions that we ask the client to answer (gathered over many years of procuring long stay accommodation) so that we can completely understand their needs as each person requirements are based on the individual circumstances.

We are constantly educating ourselves on all the developments within the industry and this allows us to select the best suppliers in the market for your long stay needs.

We offer unbiased advice on the best products so you get the best result for your long stay/relocation requirements. Through our extensive long stay history we can evaluate all offerings we receive to see if the suppliers pricing and inclusions are accurate to the market conditions.

We provide you with clear & detailed proposal with concise costings and inclusions so that you are fully aware of your requirements from the outset.

Through our booking channels we have access to over 1 million properties worldwide, giving us pricing and inventory that is not available to you.

How can we help?

  • Ensure the employee experience is built on the right foundations
  • Through our buying power we can reduce your costs thus increasing your profits
  • Minimise business or compliance risk
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency
  • Provide critical analysis of the market and what is available
  • Our solutions drive savings to your travel budget while delivering efficiency and safety for your travelling workforce – leaving you to take care of your business.

How do we do this?

  • Our service is of NO COST to you!
  • We do not charge a management fee!
  • We do not charge a booking fee!
  • We do not charge cancellation fees!
  • We do not charge amendment fees!
  • We do not charge administration fees!
  • Our analysis reports are at NO COST to you!

Our Services

“To understand the complexities in finding the right long term accommodation is so challenging, I did it once and have utilised The Accommodation brokers since. They have a wealth of knowledge in this area and we could not be happier with their expertise and service, by the way it was 6 years ago when I tried it once!!

Dee Margetts – Office Manager at Living Turf Pty Ltd

“We have constant requirements for long stay accommodation as our employees need to spend lengthy periods at our clients operations – without the assistance of The Accommodation Brokers my life would be a considerably harder and I know for a fact that their pricing is so much better than what I can obtain”

Eddie Alves – Senior Marketing Specialist at Hydac International Pty Ltd