Venue Finding

Does your Venue Finding service cost?2021-09-20T10:29:00+10:00
We’re paid a venue finding fee by the venue that we confirm on your behalf, like a travel agency. We’ll still negotiate the lowest possible venue price, almost certainly better than you would get yourself. Negotiating venue costs is as much about getting value for money as it is about reducing prices.
Does your Venue Finding Services include help with site inspections?2021-09-20T10:31:45+10:00

As part of our venue finding service we also arrange at no cost all your site inspection requests. We provide documentation re the site inspection that covers everything you need to know.

What else do you include in your venue finding services?2021-09-20T10:33:34+10:00

Apart from finding you the right venue, we can also negotiate to get you quotes on team building activities, audiovisual, guest speakers, entertainment plus external activities such as dinners or themed events.  We can also find you the best pricing on your group Air and Ground transport.

Do you conduct your venue searches only in Australia?2021-09-20T10:36:48+10:00

Not at all, about 60% of all our events are in Australia/New Zealand and 40% are international. We find that our clients often search for event venues in varied and cost-effective destinations. There is no limit to our free venue finding service!

What size of events do you cater for?2021-09-20T10:38:11+10:00

We conduct venue searches from 10 to 50,000 delegates and anything in between.

How can we be sure that you will provide us with the best rates?2021-09-20T10:39:50+10:00

Our experience allows us to negotiate the best market rates on your behalf.  We place hundreds of events each year within venues, so we have a good understanding of the rates we should be achieving at various venues and on certain dates.  Our buying power also means we can pass any savings on to you.  On each proposal we will clearly identify the rates that we have negotiated for you, and how much we are saving and as a percentage.

How do I make an enquiry for your Venue Finding services?2021-09-20T10:46:03+10:00

You can call, email or click on the make an enquiry button in the venue finding section under services.  We’ll call you within the hour to discuss your requirements.

Once we have given you our brief what is the time frame that you submit your details back to us?2021-09-20T10:57:39+10:00

We normally allow up to 72 hrs to get back to our clients, again sometimes depending on the response times of the venues you can get a response inside the 72 hrs.

How many venues do you include in your venue or accommodation search?2021-09-20T10:56:19+10:00

If the search is for one specific region we ask 5 venues to quote, however if the search is for 2 or 3 regions the number of venues we ask could go up to 10 to 12.  Please note we do not stop requesting venues to submit proposals until we have found the right venue for your requirements.

What about Short notice searches?2021-09-20T10:55:09+10:00

Let us know what deadlines you have and we will work to them. We can find a venue for tomorrow if you need one. That said, the longer the lead time the better your options are likely to be.

What information do you provide in our venue search documentation?2021-09-20T10:54:20+10:00

We provide you with a full venue proposal tailored to your individual enquiry. This includes venue location and contact details, a full breakdown of the facilities, all relevant rates, complimentary offerings, terms & conditions as well as images of the venue. We will provisionally hold any meeting or accommodation space for you before you make your final decision.

When do I start dealing with the venue directly?2021-09-20T10:26:35+10:00

Once the venue finding process has been finalised which includes the signing of the contract we then introduce you to the appropriate staff at the venue that will be handling all your operational requirements.

What are your Venue Finding Service terms and conditions?2021-09-20T10:52:55+10:00

So that we can continue to offer a free of charge service and keep delivering high quality venue finds, we ask that you use our service fairly and abide by the following terms:

By appointing us to carry out a venue find, please leave it with us and refrain from contacting any venues or other agencies whilst we are searching.  We are happy to contact any venues you would like to try – just let us know at enquiry stage.  We will place all the venues on provisional hold on your behalf to ensure that you do not lose the space to anyone else.  It can become very complicated and confusing for all concerned if we are all contacting the same venues and trying to provisionally hold space for the same event, so please leave it with us until your agreed response time.

So, if your Venue Finding Service is free – what’s the catch then?2021-09-20T10:51:43+10:00

There isn’t one! All we ask is that you leave it exclusively to The Accommodation Brokers for your venue finding. We’ll liaise with your selected venues and arrange venue confirmation. We do ask that you tell us of any venues you are in contact with already and then leave it to us.

What about business ethics?2021-09-20T10:49:37+10:00

We believe that our business ethics are extremely important, in fact relationships with clients and suppliers is equally important. We never make provisional bookings unless asked to by our clients, when they have considered our proposals. Openness and honesty are vital at all stages of the event planning process.

Corporate Accommodation

Why Should I use an Accommodation Management Company to organise my accommodation requirements?2020-11-09T15:46:28+11:00

In short, an accommodation management company saves you money, streamlines the booking process, manages accommodation travel spend and provides risk management solutions for employee travel.

What are your fees for booking Corporate Accommodation?2021-10-07T14:30:52+11:00

The Accommodation Brokers are paid a commission by the properties that we book on your behalf. We do not charge for our services. Bookings fee’s will apply if we have negotiated nett rates with the accommodation supply as part of the client contract – the booking fee is AUD $10.00 per room per night including GST. We offer one free amendment for individual bookings – a AUD $10.00 amendment fee will apply above the first free amendment. We do not charge cancellation fees for our services (please note based on the rate type you have purchased cancellation or amendment fees may apply from the supplier) and we do not charge administration fees or reporting fees for our services.

What is the process when starting with a new client?2020-11-09T15:47:25+11:00

We first assess your accommodation history and any existing contracts you may have. This allows us to make recommendations about preferred partners as well as what type of travel policies your company should have in place with the goal of adding dollars to your bottom line. We then make sure that all employees have the understanding of how to book their accommodation needs.

How can you save us money on our corporate accommodation?2020-11-09T15:47:49+11:00

Our affiliations with numerous buying networks worldwide allow us to negotiate exclusive accommodation rates for our clients. Our volume of accommodation bookings also allows us to have preferred arrangements with suppliers worldwide. We are constantly monitoring the landscape to ensure that our clients are getting the best market rates available.

Can you help with reward programs for our staff?2020-11-09T15:48:17+11:00

The Accommodation Brokers run an Exclusive Leisure Travel Program that is only available to organisations that have partnered with us.  We offer a model that supplies the best prices for your employees or members which is not available to the general public.

We also offer venue finding and group travel services – please refer to services on the front page.

How can I book accommodation?2020-11-09T15:48:48+11:00

You can book your hotel, car arrangements or other ground arrangements over the phone or via email. We have a team available 24/7/365 to answer questions and provide assistance.

Are my trips insured?2020-11-09T15:49:12+11:00

We offer a number of insurance programs for our corporate clients. Contact your Professional Travel representative to learn more.

I need to make a last minute cancellation or schedule change. What do I do?2020-11-09T15:49:38+11:00

You can either cancel your trip via email or call an agent to make the cancellation for you.

What do I do if I’m travelling and an emergency or natural disaster occurs?2020-11-09T15:50:06+11:00

Because you are working with a travel management company, there is a risk management plan in place. We will contact your employer as soon as we are aware of the disaster and will inform all parties involved of necessary next steps.

Can I get a refund on a non-refundable rate?2020-11-09T15:50:31+11:00

In general the answer is no, however based on the circumstances relating to the cancellation suppliers will offer refunds if the reasons are valid.

How do we pay for the accommodation?2020-11-09T15:50:58+11:00

There is three ways that payment can be applied:

1) The Accommodation Brokers can open an account with your organisation and we will submit a monthly invoice for payment based on the accommodation or services used.

2) Your organisation submits a master credit card in which all transactions will be applied.

3) Your employees utilise their own corporate credit card for payment at the time of the booking.

Do you offer reports for our accommodation?2020-11-09T15:51:24+11:00

The Accommodation Brokers can supply monthly reports at NO COST to summarise all the bookings and expenditure for the previous month and year to date transactions.

Group Travel

Why organise a private group?2020-11-09T15:52:30+11:00

You are able to design a customised itinerary to specifically fit the interests of your group and their budget. Everything from airfare, hotel accommodation and sightseeing are arranged by one of our group experts.

What’s the advantage of booking as a group, instead of individually?2021-10-07T13:45:33+11:00

Group travel generally gets better pricing than individual travel.  Group travel also is able to get complimentary inclusions based on the size of the group. Full payment is not required up-front when booking a group. We are able to block both airline space and hotel rooms with an estimated number of travellers allowing you time to gather trip participants, while knowing you have confirmed space.

How far in advance do I need to book my group?2020-11-09T15:53:33+11:00

It is never too early to begin planning in order to obtain the best air and hotel availability. Last minute travel is also possible, so please call us to discuss the details.

What is my role as the Group Organiser?2020-11-09T15:53:59+11:00

As the Group Organiser you play an important role. You begin the process once you contact us as that means that you have group of interested individuals in mind. You are responsible for the program in order to attract enough participants for the optimal sized group. As the liaison between your group, you are responsible for payment collection, finalising details for each individual traveller and other details. Once on tour you will be the main contact person for the hotel and our local agents should any questions arise. As the Group Organiser, it is possible to earn travel benefits depending upon the number of tour participants that travel with you.

Does your Group Travel service cost?2021-09-27T13:38:58+10:00

It all depends on the complexity of the group travel brief, in general if it is a simple A to B group travel request we will charge a booking fee for airfares, however we will not charge a fee for the accommodation as we’re paid a venue finding fee by the accommodation provider that we confirm on your behalf. We’ll still negotiate the lowest possible price, almost certainly better than you would get yourself. Negotiating costs is as much about getting value for money as it is about reducing prices.

How many travellers make a Group?2021-09-27T13:40:29+10:00

Groups can start at as low as 5 people depending on the travel provider. Plus, there is no size limit or maximum number of passengers. The more, the merrier!

How much is a group discount?2020-11-09T15:55:27+11:00

Discounts vary depending on a number of factors, like the size of your group, destination, time of the year, duration of stay, special activities and more. Our experience within the market allows us to negotiate competitive rates on your behalf. We organised hundreds of groups each year, so we have a good understanding of the rates we should be achieving at all destinations and on certain dates. Our buying power also means we can pass any savings on to you. On each group quote we will clearly identify the rates that we have negotiated for you, and how much we are saving and as a percentage.

What kinds of groups can travel together?2021-09-27T13:39:42+10:00

You name it! The Accommodation Brokers have booked all kinds of group travel. We’re happy to arrange sport, education, corporate, friends and family trips, destination weddings, group golf getaways, anniversaries and vow renewals, as well as get-togethers for clubs and other special interest groups.

Can individuals in a group depart from different locations?2020-11-09T15:56:18+11:00

Yes, we can accommodate a group with passengers departing from gateways across Australia.

Does my group have to stay at specific locations or resorts?2020-11-09T15:56:49+11:00

No. The Accommodation Brokers can arrange for just about any kind of group accommodation, along with group tours, special excursions, and extracurricular activities – anywhere in the world, on land or at sea. Just ask!

Does every member of a group have to book in-person and in-store?2020-11-09T15:57:14+11:00

No. The Accommodation Brokers is committed to making your group travel arrangements as easy as possible. We can make reservations, answer questions, and provide documentation and more – all by phone or email, so you don’t even have to leave home!

Are there group travel benefits beyond discounted airfare and accommodation?2021-09-27T13:37:53+10:00

Yes! For starters, groups can take advantage of flexible payment options, often with lower deposits required to secure each booking.

In addition to discounts up-front, your group may be eligible for complimentary passengers, and qualify for more flexible terms. Be sure to ask The Accommodation Brokers for details!

Can you accommodate guests with special dietary requirements?2020-11-09T15:58:17+11:00

Yes, we can accommodate special diet requirements. Please be sure to specify your special needs when reserving your trip.

Can you help us with pre- and post-trip travel arrangements?2020-11-09T15:59:06+11:00

Yes, we can cater for all you ground arrangements pre and post the main group travel booking.  Please ensure that your requests are submitted in conjunction with your group travel so that all your requirements can be catered for.

Do you cater for clients that have a disability – can they join the trip?2020-11-09T16:00:02+11:00

The Accommodation Brokers is committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. We ask that you carefully consider whether you are physically and mentally able to complete the itinerary you have chosen, recognising that on many trips you will be required to carry your own bags and use public transport.

Where we can we will make reasonable adjustments to the operation of  your group trip to facilitate the requirements of disabled travellers – such as booking ground floor accommodation, or having the group leaders communicate important directions in writing as well as verbally. Many travellers with disabilities have been able to enjoy group travel by travelling with a friend or companion who can assist with specific needs.

How do I begin the reservation process?2020-11-09T16:00:42+11:00

We request a detailed brief from the organiser so that we can start our quoting process with the suppliers, in order to initiate this process we do require a non-refundable deposit of $1,500.00, once you have chosen the particular suppliers there will be deposits required – amounts and T&C’s will be determined by each supplier. The final payment is due 60 days prior to your departure. This will give you plenty of time to organise your group and secure payments. Please refer to our terms & conditions that will be submitted in the initial proposal.

What are acceptable forms of payment?2020-11-09T16:01:12+11:00

The Accommodation Brokers accepts direct deposits and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, please note a 2.2% credit card surcharge will apply.

Can the airfares change?2020-11-09T16:01:42+11:00

Once your deposit payment has been made, this guarantees your airline reservations and guarantees the airfare quoted – all other payment must meet the required timelines set by the suppliers to guarantee your airfare. Please note tax and fuel are subject to change until paid in full and tickets are issued.

Could I be subject to baggage charges?2020-11-09T16:02:16+11:00

Yes, airline-imposed baggage fees may apply and be due at the airport; please consult your airline prior to departure for the latest fees.

What if I have to cancel my trip?2020-11-09T16:02:43+11:00

Penalties vary according to when you cancel. Please see Terms & Conditions supplied for more information. We strongly suggest that your group members purchase Travel Insurance which covers most eventualities.

Do you offer Travel Insurance?2020-11-09T16:03:08+11:00

Yes. We offer trip cancellation and interruption insurance on all our programs. For more information on our insurance, please ask our group specialists.

Do I need a passport or a visa to travel?2020-11-25T17:14:22+11:00

All international destinations require you to have a valid passport. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the date of travel. In addition there are some destinations that require a visa for Australian citizens. Visas can be obtained on arrival at some airports (please ask) for others, such it is necessary to obtain a visa prior to departure from Australia.

If we are require a full service for our group travel such as flights, passports, visa’s, accommodation, transfers and so on, do you handle this?2021-09-27T13:36:35+10:00

Yes – we certainly do – please refer to our Group Travel section on our website for full details or email bookings@theaccommodationbrokers.com.au with your requirements.

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